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The Out-of-the-box Thinkers

Our talented and dedicated team brings years of experience and collective creativity to your campaign.
We infuse passion into every project, no matter the scale.
Learn more about our team and how we can help showcase your brand.

Jenny Shin


President & CEO

The driving source of passion behind the team at Milestones Public Relations, Jenny has over 20 years of experience in business development and strategic communications. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto completed her post graduate studies in Public Relations at Ryerson.

She is currently President of the Canadian Public Relations Society Toronto. Jenny has served on the board of directors for over ten years with portfolios ranging from ACE Awards to Professional Development. She is also on the advisory board for Not 9 to 5.

Jenny guest lectures at various PR and Communications programs throughout Ontario, and regularly participates in panel discussions and public speaking engagements. She is also an official TEDx scout and speaker coach.

Jenny and the entire team are dedicated to advocating for diversity, equity and inclusion. As part of her mission in the communications field, she is firmly committed to volunteerism and encouraging others to get involved to improve and elevate industry integrity and community causes.



Public Relations Consultant

Khamieta is a resourceful communications consultant with a passion for storytelling, writing and out-of-the-box thinking. She is curious and always striving to expand her knowledge and always looking for the next new challenges.

Khamieta has experience in entertainment PR and social media management from interning at Corus Entertainment and from managing social media for a food festival during her studies at Humber College. She is a recent grad of Humber College where she graduated with her BPR.


During her free time, Khamieta enjoys painting and sculpting and believes her hobbies complement the work in public relations as it amplifies her creativity and attention to detail.    

Andrea Jospeh.jpg


Public Relations Consultant

Andrea is an effective communicator who is always looking to challenge the status quo and is eager/excited to bring a new perspective to the PR industry. With an overall excitement for learning, her overarching goal is to combine her passion for advocacy work and love for the lifestyle and consumer sectors. 


With a retail background, Andrea is an experienced people expert and values trust and respect as the most vital aspects of her relationships. As a soon-to-be graduate from the Humber BPR program, Andrea is well-versed in the various areas of PR and is constantly working on her communication skills!


In her free time, Andrea enjoys spending quality time with loved ones and explores her passion for interior design. Both activities help her stay creative and dedicated to her work!

Ashley Okoro.jpg


Social Media Consultant

Ashley is a Social Media Consultant at Milestones Public Relations. Working behind the scenes as a food blogger and a food photographer on Instagram, Ashley helps our clients to give the world the opportunity to eat with their eyes.


Ashley has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Ryerson University. She travelled to South Korea to embark on a teaching career where she taught English as a Second Language to middle school students. Ashley has a knack for learning Asian languages and she is fluent in Korean with some capabilities Mandarin, Japanese and Thai.


After moving back to Toronto, Ashley worked in marketing and social media.


When she is not working, she is busy exploring new cuisines and creating social conversations around food.

Atyia Police


Writer / Screenwriter

Driven by the life stories captured in every moment, it was no wonder Atyia became enamoured with and decided to pursue the art of writing. Apart from dreaming up new worlds and characters in her spare time, she also has a great love of food. Because of her pensive, amusing, and curious nature, it’s never been difficult for her to find ways to weave tales of anything food-related into stories or casual conversation. 


In real life, Atyia has a degree in French Literature, a postgraduate certificate in Professional Writing, and has worked as a writer and editor in the publishing industry for a number of years. Her range of specialties extend from culinary delights to film and book editorial content. During her time as a writer for Foodism Magazine, she gained invaluable experience exploring the Toronto food scene and writing about food and drink. She’s also spent the last couple of years as an editor for a film review platform, Narrative Muse, where works by women, and others who are part of underrepresented groups, are showcased and explored. 


Along with passing her time writing and editing editorial content, Atyia has also spent many years writing various screenplays, from short films and spec television episodes to educational videos and webisodes. With her love for screenwriting, it’s only natural that she can be found spending most of her time researching and anticipating cinematic adventures through the fantastical, horrific, and sci-fi entrenched films she regularly enjoys. One can never have too much scope for the imagination and Atyia leaves room for it all in the work she creates.

Zoey Purvis


Public Relations Consultant

Obsessed with designing her own life, Zoey consistently finds new opportunities to keep herself busy and inspired. Very daring, Zoey is never afraid to test the waters and jump into the unknown. Her responsible spontaneity always makes for a risky, but well-thought-out adventure.


Currently a student and staff member at McGill University, Zoey is eager to complete her degree in International Development, Communications and Environmental science, and begin working full-time as a professional PR consultant.


In her spare time, Zoey enjoys immersing herself in 1920's American literature, indulging in a long yoga session, or exploring the art-filled streets of Montreal.

Anjali Rego.JPG


Public Relations Consultant

Anjali has worked in journalism and corporate communications around the world, including the UK and India. Her global experience gives her a unique edge in uncovering opportunities for our clients. Having re-established herself multiple times in new countries, Anjali has mastered the art of adaptability and resilience.


As a natural storyteller, Anjali has a nose for news, and she can turn conversations into compelling stories. With a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Westminster, UK, Anjali has almost a decade of combined experience in journalism and corporate communications. As a reporter for a daily in India, and as a foreign correspondent in the UK (including coverage of the 2012 London Olympics), Anjali transitioned into PR through a bridging program at Ryerson in Toronto.


At Milestones Public Relations, she brings an invaluable perspective from her journalism background to leverage our rigorous media relations programming.


When she is not working, she plays Scrabble and Sudoku, which improves her strategy and critical thinking.

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