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Milestones Public Relations &
Talent Management

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About Milestones Public Relations

Milestones Public Relations is a Toronto-based boutique agency specializing in brand development through strategic communications.

Why work with us? We are a driven team that is client-obsessed and have the business savvy to deliver your vision. We offer:​

  •  Bottom-line business focus

  •  Measurable goals and objectives

  •  Creative strategies and tactics


Talent Management

Click on the picture to see each talent's bio. 

For the password to access the full electronic press kit, please contact info@milestones-pr.com

Chef Billy Alexander

Chef | Social Advocate | Indigenous Advisor

Hassel Aviles

Mental Health Advocate | Speaker | Hospitality Consultant

Suzanne Barr

Chef | Author | Social Advocate

Johnny Cheung

Foodie | Traveler | Photographer


Learning Strategist | Academic Success Coach


Host | Producer | Influencer

Erin Harris

Red Seal Chef | Cheese Specialist | Food Writer

Michelle Jobin

Host | Spokesperson | Producer


Chef | Restaurateur |

TV Host

Ryusuke Nakagawa

Executive Chef

Betty Shin Binon



Photographer | Botanical Sculptor | Stylist

Mark Strong Strizzzy

Host | DJ | Social Advocate

John Szabo MS

Master Sommelier | Author | Culinary and Travel Enthusiast

An Tran

Content Creator | Host | Influencer

Aiko Uchigoshi

Executive Pastry Chef



1 Yonge Street, Suite 1801, Toronto, ON , M5E 1W7

Tel: +1-647-286-8584

Betty Shin Binon's cake

Milestones Public Relations

Tel: +1-647-286-8584

1 Yonge Street, Suite 1801, Toronto, ON , M5E 1W7

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